Towards cleaner aviation

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Towards cleaner aviation

The transition to more electric aircraft, driven by the strong goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions for civil aviation by 2050, is a growing challenge for industry and society. Such an evolution towards cleaner aviation requires pushing the limits of conventional approaches and carrying out transformations leading to new vehicle configurations with an innovative propulsion system, new energy sources and efficient energy management. New research programs in Europe and beyond offer new hybrid, all-electric, hydrogen, turboelectric, and potentially distributed concepts. The design of this future generation of more electrically powered aircraft raises challenges not only of structure and aerodynamics, but also of energy storage and distribution, electrical architecture, thermal management, reliability and certification. All these topics will be discussed at the conference.

Following the successful European conference held in Bordeaux in October 2021, the organizers of MEA2024 invite representatives from industry, research and agencies to contribute to this new exciting edition in Toulouse, and to share ideas, lessons learned, research results, and solutions related to technological developments as well as to future concepts associated to more/all electrical aircraft. Transport aircraft, light aircraft, urban mobility aircraft, unmanned aircraft, fixed wing as well as rotorcraft will be considered, whether they are for commercial, military or private use.

The 2-days program will mostly rely on presentations and highly interactive poster sessions, for which you are invited to submit abstracts referring to the following topics.


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